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そこで自身が好きなフランスの歴史・伝統的なこだわりのフランスの良品を、日本に広め, 身近に愛用してもらうことを考え、会社を設立いたしました。デジタル社会にあって、丹精込めた手作りの価値をより深く理解し、楽しめると考えました。伝統への回帰。ショーケースの中の特別なものではなく日常に溶け込み、さりげなく生活を楽しく豊かにする。そんなメイドインフランスを中心に多くの方にご紹介し、その価値を共有できればと思います。


Home & Kitchen株式会社
代表 平上 直美

With respect to France, my second home, I wanted to be deeply involved and contribute to my favorite France who was greatly affected to my life. A country of people who are the best in the world to enjoy life, living, food and wine extensively and luxuriously . Also it is a country that created “vacances”.

I established a company to promote my favorite historical and traditional French product to Japan for daily life. In an actual digital society, we thought that we could understand and enjoy deeply the handmade value. Return to the tradition. It melts into daily life, not special things in the showcase, enriching life casually fun. I would like to introduce them to many peoples in Japan, especially products made in France, and share their value.

Our company purchase directly from the producer, imports and sells online, mostly from the producer by our network from the experience of fashion / home product merchandiser and buyers with Amazon and other foreign-affiliated fashion brands company. We are planning to increase the number of affordable selections you can easily obtain from now on. We appreciate your continued support.

Home & Kitchen, Inc
Naomi Hiragami


社名 Home & Kitchen株式会社
(Home & Kitchen, Inc)
代表取締役 平上 直美
事業所 東京都世田谷区八幡山1-2-15-702
酒類販売業免許 北法第15号 H.30.1.26
取引銀行 三井住友銀行・ゆうちょ銀行